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Written testimony from children, parents, teachers, and community leaders on how the Harold Robinson Foundation has affected their life and the South Los Angeles Community.

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 I just want to thank you for coming out of your way. You didn’t have to bring all of us out of the hood. Just to take us to a nice place like that. The only part I didn’t like about the camp is that people are so nice and people make you feel at home and then we had to leave. I didn’t like that at all.

Your Friend, Joshua
juan camper

Thank you for inviting 99th Street School to camp for three days. Thank you for the nice cabins to sleep in and the warm and soft beds. When I went hiking I learned that leaves have bones like humans. Those three days were so much fun that I wanted to live there because that camp was like my new home.

Your Friend, Juan

The most fun thing that I liked was when we went hiking. Hiking is so much fun because you can get to explore the mountains. You can also see plants and nature. You can also see different animals like deer or a lizard and a lot more. I thank you for telling me I could do it so I did it on the ropes course. I was so glad about myself. Thank you for impressing me.

Your Friend, Jessica

I guess my mom was right. She said that “When it was time to leave we would all be sad,” and I was. Some of us even cried but they were happy tears. We had all had such a good time that we were sad to leave. Again, I say thank you.

Your Friend, Chayse
School Staff

You and your staff are doing some amazing work that has a very positive impact in our communities. I think you should know about my student named Omar. The trip had a profound impact on his life. He came back with a belief and confidence that he could overcome any challenge that is presented to him. His grades have improved and even his classmates have noticed how much he has improved academically. Omar used to be a student that would keep to himself and never participated in classroom discussions. Now, I have to tell him that he needs to give other students a chance to talk. Two weeks ago my students took their second quarter assessment and he went from scoring 49% (Below Basic) on his first test to scoring 73% (Proficient) on his second test. Every time he shows frustration with a math problem, I remind him of how much harder it was to overcome his fear of climbing the ropes. I'm sure there are many other students in other classes and schools that have benefited from the work you do.

Jose Vergara, Teacher, Miramonte Elementary School

Camp Ubuntu has helped to encourage and motivate the entire 92nd Street School Community. With the support of the staff our students, staff and parents we were able to overcome many obstacles, and we took this same determination back to the school. There are a lot of team building activities that also flowed over to the school. Relationships were developed and parents became more involved and felt more connected to the school. Students were not only excited, but are more determined to overcome obstacle they face. Students have shared that they can hear Camp Mom pushing them to excellence. The nurturing, skills and guidance will help ensure that our students experience life long success. 

In addition parents have the opportunity to attend a six week Parent Seminar, also funded by the Harold Robinson Foundation. Parents are learning to take care of themselves, so that can take care of their families. Parents are taught skills to help them develop better relationships with their children and spouse. Lives are changing as a result of these workshops, including mine. These are the types of workshops that help to bridge and change communities. 

To the Harold Robinson Foundation and Camp Ubuntu we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the experience, love and adventure. Words along cannot express the gratitude we feel. Again THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Priscilla Currie – Former principal of 92nd St. Elementary

I have had the opportunity to witness firsthand the impact that the HRF has had on my students. The first word that comes to mind when I think of this great organization is “Unbelievable”!

It’s truly unbelievable to see how many young lives they touch on a continuous basis. It’s unbelievable to see students from the inner city experience camp for the first time. It’s unbelievable to see how much children grow socially and emotionally during a weekend away at camp. It’s unbelievable to know that the HRF cares enough about my students to maintain contact with them “after” their weekend at camp is over.

It’s also unbelievable to see a group of individuals come together to put the needs of children first. As I watch the impact of one weekend away from the stressful lives that some of my student’s lead and the positive effect on their self esteem, peer relationships, and academic achievement, all I can say is thank you for all that you do!

Jera Turner – Principal at Barrett Elementary

The HRF has been passionately supporting our students at Edwin Markham Middle School for over six years. Through their dedication to high quality Camp programs, and their focus on the socio-emotional needs of our students and our community, I have seen the academic and social well-being of our children greatly improve. I look forward to the continuing collaboration with the amazing staff of the Harold Robinson Foundation. Thank you, HRF!

Edward Saucedo – Vice Principal of Markham Middle School
Community Leaders

What the camp does for this community is amazing. It helps build relationships, address the untreated trauma, and brings some conflict resolution to a lot of the youth that live in this community and crime is down because of organizations like the Harold Robinson Foundation.

The Harold Robinson Foundation is literally saving lives in Watts.

Deputy Chief Emada E. Tingirides, Commanding Officer, Community Safety Partnership Bureau

“The Harold Robinson Foundation has changed the face of Watts." 

Donny Joubert, Watts Gang Task Force, Vice President

The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles appreciates the support of the Harold Robinson Foundation and its supporters for making this camp possible for so many under served young people who would not have otherwise been able to attend such an event.

John King II, Director of Planning and Policy, Housing Authority of The City Of Los Angeles

We are grateful for the partnership with the Harold Robinson and Camp Ubuntu as they have supported our growth in the community of Watts and with youth and their families.  The trust that HRF has built in Watts has created real allyship for a better community engagement for all.  We are grateful to HRF and their commitment not only to Watts but working together with organizations like ours to enhance our reach and programming.  The work that we do at CHG in Watts at Markham Middle School, building the Watts Tech Garden with local youth, educating and empowering the next generation through nature growing their own food, learning about nutrition, team building, strengthening mental health and well being while providing the Watts  community with local healthy fresh food access has elevated over the years by the commitment of the HRF Founders Joyce and Jeff Robinson believing in CHG’s team and vision.  Our missions and values align and our partnership keeps on growing.  Together We Grow and Together We Heal.   Thank you HRF we are looking forward to what the future holds and excited for what is yet to come!

Nicole Landers – Founder of Community Healing Gardens

The Harold Robinson Foundation is at the cutting edge of culture change in our Los Angeles education system and communities being disproportionally affected by poverty, academic failures and incarceration. HRF founders and staff put their heart and soul into delivering transformational experiences for children who are lost, forgotten, traumatized and who often don't have caring and consistent adults in their life for guidance. The founders, staff and counselors at Camp Ubuntu are that rock. There is absolutely no one in Los Angeles County that provides this service to our children. One is mistaken if they see Camp Ubuntu simply as a summer camp - what really results from Camp Ubuntu is community renewal. Generations of negative outcomes are being replaced by elementary, middle and high school graduations. Children now have positive outlets to develop their passions and enjoy successes. The Harold Robinson Foundation is on the front lines of revolutionary change - in our schools, our communities and our juvenile justice system.

Scott Budnick Executive Producer (Just Mercy, Hangover, Due Date) Founder of Anti-Recidivism Coalition

I am a professional and have been involved in the non-profit world for several years. I am currently the Chair of InsideOUT Writers and I sit on the Board of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition. The Harold Robinson Foundation is by far the most extraordinary organization I have ever witnessed or been a part of. They change people’s lives. Lots of people. They have an incredible impact on their target population, inner city elementary and middle schoolers, their teachers and families. One of the unique qualities is that many of the counselors, mostly in their early 20s, are from these same communities and have faced and overcome hardship. Many were formerly incarcerated, giving them a unique perspective. This is an opportunity for these counselors, those providing the primary services, to "give back", as well as an opportunity to work, be of service and feel empowered by their contribution. The owners, operators, board and community support for this camp is out of this world. Every time there is rewarding, impactful, enriching and fulfilling. The programming is thoughtful, provocative and balances fun with thinking, feeling, team-building and inspiration. The facility is a gorgeous nature refuge. Fresh air, mountains, greenery and seclusion. HRF commits to the same schools, having them back to camp every year, sometimes multiple times per year, follows the kids back to their communities, building a meaningful and lasting connection, with continuity. I am yet to meet someone who does not LOVE HRF and the operators, Jeff, Joyce and David. They have built a new model and should win humanitarian awards. HRF is smart and all heart and builds real community in Los Angeles. HRF is a big warm hug to the world.

Todd Rubenstein, Managing Partner - Morris Yorn, Board Chair, InsideOUT Writers

The Harold Robinson Foundation brought over 180 kids and parents (as well as LAPD officers and GRYD volunteers) from all 5 developments (Nickerson, Jordan Downs, Gonzack, Imperial Courts and Ramona Gardens) were put together under one umbrella that we call Watts United.  They were mixed up in cabins from all five developments and that is something that has never happened before.  The kids learned to communicate with one another, they learned to respect one another despite their cultural differences and they came together in peace and harmony. This weekend was so important for our community as it provides a unique way for us to come together in neutral territory and begin to break down the barriers that keep us separate.  It allows us to come together as a community and begin to build new relationships and forms of communication that we all believe will ultimately once again lead to peace, unity and WATTs UNITED!

Thank you Harold Robinson Foundation for believing in us!

Dr. Perry Crouch, Watts Gang Task Force, Chief Negotiator for 1991/1992 Blood Crip Peace Treaty

HRF puts kids in disadvantaged areas in camp programs. The kids come out of it communicating, problem solving, and conflict resolution with other kids from other housing developments. For these kids who get selected it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s an incredible program and we thank HRF for their commitment and passion to serve our kids in Watts.

Thank you Harold Robinson Foundation for believing in us!

Joe Buscaino, L.A. City Council Member 15th District

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